Marketing is Like Washing Your Hair


As I plod deep into middle age, I find I am becoming more hair obsessed – probably because I have significantly less of it. The other day, I was taking a shower and thinking about an issue I was having around a client and marketing discipline. I looked down and noticed tons of my beloved follicles forever abandoning my head and vanishing down the drain, when it suddenly hit me: Marketing is just like washing your hair!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: that some of my brain cells must have been attached to those follicles. But hear me out. The key process behind washing your hair is lather, rinse and (here comes the important part) repeat. That’s a lot like the implementation phase of marketing where you implement your program, track it and then repeat the process with a revised program which you implement, track and so on.

A key to success in either marketing or hair-washing is discipline.  To be successful in marketing you have to have the discipline to develop goals, strategy and plans before you get to that crucial implementation. And with washing your hair, you’ve got to determine your goals (maybe decrease dandruff or, hopefully, increase volume), figure out the right product, and then buy and use it. Without the discipline to follow the process, you can end up with a beautiful marketing implementation that does nothing for your sales, or you could buy a conditioner meant for curly hair, when yours is straight.

So see, it’s exactly the same! Okay, not quite, but there are some striking similarities. So striking in fact, that I decided to create the following infographic to fully illustrate the eerie similarity between marketing and washing your hair.



Shower Image Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos


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